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Finding the right wine can be a lifelong struggle. Even recalling exactly what grape we usually enjoy can be a task. You try to cast your mind back to that delicious white from the restaurant, or that yummy red served at Christmas, but inevitably the memory fails. Well our wine horoscope may just be the wine hack you’ve been looking for when choosing your next bottle. 

Now, depending how you take it, your horoscope is either a bit of fun to spur self-reflection, or genuine planetary insight into your character. Either way, in matching our exclusive wines from the Grape People online shop to each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, we are giving you the chance to discover some delicious wines and find out whether there might be more to horoscopes than you thought. 


Quirky, independent, and feisty if backed into a corner, those under Aquarius like to blaze their own trail regardless of what the rest of us are doing. This Spanish rosé is made in very small quantities due to the rarity of its grape, and should appeal to those seeking originality. 



Pisces is thought of as the most spiritual of the signs. Ruled by Neptune, these people are compassionate, emotionally articulate and comfortable with the unknown. This elegant, natural wine bears traces of the earth in its golden yellows and green hues—a hallmark of its biodynamic production. 


As the ram symbol might suggest, Aries are proactive and not afraid of forcing change. Something bold and complex is called for in their case. This classic claret will go toe to toe with the ram and surprise from nose to finish.


Grounded and possessed of extremely good taste, those ruled by Venus and the symbol of the bull usually know what they like. If something classic but not mundane is the call, the answer is surely this serious but eminently drinkable Chianti Classico.


Geminis bring us together. They are dynamic, bubbly and most happy when interacting. For a person that brings people together, we suggest a sparkling wine that does the same. This sociable prosecco will flow all too easily as conversation takes centre stage.


Ruled by the moon, we recognise the Cancers among us as nurturing and loyal. Seeing as they appreciate little more than comfort and good friends, an easy-drinking wine to be shared is the order of the day. 


Fun-loving and passionate, the Leos in our midst are prone to taking centre stage and staying there. For these extroverts we suggest a wine that can hold its own at a dinner party, picnic or movie night. This invigorating Portuguese white will tick all the boxes, including straight up deliciousness.


Virgos are driven, detail oriented and tend to seek perfection in all things. Only a wine of unusual complexity and prestige is going to cut it for this fastidious lot. This dry, complex Chablis is more than up to the task. 


Libras value harmony in all things, but can occasionally be caught in two minds in pursuit of that balance. We think any doubts will be short lived with this bold, pleasing Rioja from a family estate in Spain. 


Scorpios are dominant, self reliant, and possessed of magnetic personalities. But there’s a darker side to their characters; a connection to the primal that is mirrored in this full-bodied, natural red from Tuscany. 


The grass is often greener for a Saggitarius. Stung with wanderlust and led by instinct, these adventurous souls can be hard to please and might lose interest if their wine doesn’t bring something new and exciting to the table. We suggest a characterful red wine from Lebanon that will not quickly be forgotten. 


Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are authoritative and appreciate structure and coherence in all things. We can’t think of any wine in our shop better suited to the grandfather of the Zodiac than this balanced blend from Puglia that knows exactly what it is.


There is something for everyone at Grape People, so if these celestial suggestions don’t tickle your fancy, head over to our online shop and search for your next drop according to occasion, price, and many other criteria. Better yet, sign up to our newsletter and we’ll contact you with our latest deals and suggestions for delicious wines delivered free to your door. 

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