Curated for people with grape expectations

We’re big on enjoyment, in whatever tasting note that means for you. Wine should be a celebration — a moment of connection that doesn’t need to be saved for a special occasion. Taking a new approach that’s centered on discovering the kind of good wine that doesn’t come with a high price tag to match, we’re bringing the pleasure of savouring a freshly popped bottle to the people.


Wine that comes in a box

Working with small producers and classic winemakers to curate a list of easy-to-get and easier-to-drink wines, every bottle we choose brings the best of the vine to your glass. It’s the perfect union of taste and approachability, and it’s picked just for you.

Connecting accessible wine + unforgettable moments

Ever since they shared their first full-bodied Cab Sauv, Catarina and Livia have opened many bottles in search of the best wines the world has to offer. It was their first connection, their moment of presence with friends, and a great reward for every accomplishment. Since then, they’ve poured themselves into creating a platform where anyone can learn about, connect with, and effortlessly access fresh labels in a modern context. Sip and see for yourself.

Wine for the life you live and the people you love.

Good wine is for everyone